FTS at Codemotion Madrid 2019

Last September 24th and 25th Zartis’ Fexco FTS Team assisted to Madrid Codemotion 2019 at Kinepolis.

This event is fundamentally oriented to “Coders” or what we could think of “developers”. Even though that’s the approach, there were a couple of chats that were trying to encourage the engineering mindset in audience.

Thinking like a Founder by Chad Arimura – Inspirational

The Conferences

We assisted to several conferences most of them focused in Frontend technologies, Software Delivery LifeCycle and Kubernetes / Docker topics.

The most interesting chats were:

Dave Farley’s chat was very interesting because it remarked the lack of professionally and engineering principles that the Software industry is suffering. We all can agree that engineering principles are key to get complex Software architectures.

There is a lot of people that call themselves software developers that don’t have engineering background and that may not be a problem with the adequate mindset but, without it, these people can be very dangerous.

Being “Engineer” is much more than have some specific studies, its all about applying the Scientific Method, adding feedback loops in your “engineering processes”, including quality control, limiting errors, and continuous improvement.

Zero-Downtime Deployment chat was all about how to properly release “breaking” changes in your software without losing application availability. This specially interesting in 24/7 worldwide applications.

What new is CSS was about new features that are going to be available or even in some case already are in CSS world, like for example:

  • Conic Gradients
  • Custom Media Queries
  • Custom selectors
  • Scroll snap

In the Redux+Angular chat, we attended to a demonstration explaining how to create an Angular application but using the Redux pattern. It was an interesting technical approach, managing the data used by a web application from a unique source.

Micro-Frontends and API with LOVE chat, described a Micro-frontends approach using different technologies. This allows to multiple frontends or projects use the same backend endpoints using a specific SDK connector. It also reduces complexity of an app and it is easier to be reused or adapted to other necessities.


Even though Codemotion is not in our opinion a “cutting edge” conference where you can get the latest technology advances, it had some interesting chats and it can be a very nice first step for engineers that had never gone to a conference.

Author: Fernando Munoz

Software Team Leader

Author: Pablo Nuño

Fexco Senior Software Engineer

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