Fexco API Technology Landscape: TechRadar 2018-Q4

2018 is over and the FEXCO Central API Tech Radar has been updated from our experience and other exploratory researches in different areas. As you already know, the Tech Radar is a fast overview about the used technologies in the platforms (Delivery and Computing) that make the Central API possible. This time we show the information for the last quarter 2018.


Apache Spark and Azure Databricks are already stable components to adopt while new frameworks for e2e and Functional Testing have been tried out and adopted (e.g. Cypress).

Besides, older container orchestration options in Azure have definitely moved to the on-hold status as it will be difficult to use them again given the successful adoption and usage of Azure AKS, Nexus and other components in our Delivery Platform replacing Azure ACS and Azure Registry.

New tools and frameworks are under research (e.g. MLflow) and we expect a lot of amazing new over 2019.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Author: Jesus de Diego

Software Architect and Team Lead

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