Learning From Real World Experiences – Visit to Microsoft Dublin’s HQ


A wide team from FTS visited Microsoft HQ in Dublin last Thursday 22nd of November to acquire knowledge and insights about how to implement Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) squad in the company. David O’Brien, Jesus de Diego, Neil Heaton, Stanislaw Stawowy, Robert Tulley and Fernando Muñoz made a multidisciplinary team looking forward to expose our challenges to implement SRE and to learn as much as possible from this unique opportunity.

Niall Murphy Q&A

We were very lucky to have the chance to talk with Niall Murphy ex-google and Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems and The Site Reliability Workbook: Practical Ways to Implement SRE writer.

During the session we explained were do we come from, our current teams structure and the challenge we have ahead to go a step forward into the cloud infrastructure adoption, creation of new processes and culture to satisfy our business and technological needs.

Main outcome from Niall’s answers were that the ideal profile for SRE team member its a unicorn, really difficult to find and hire so the best way to go with SRE adoption is to involve people and evangelize the new culture. Then, when everything in place, all the rest will come.

Azure DevOps & eShopworld

We had also some time to get more information about Azure Dev Ops that it’s Azure’s attempt to create a delivery ecosystem really interesting and powerful.

After Azure’s product presentation, we were introduced to eShopworld experience and the way the integrated their delivery process with Azure Dev Ops. Very interesting example to see about how a company can improve their delivery process by integrating adequately new tools that simplify, automate and provide accurate and real time information about the delivery process. Our Software Innovation Engine includes the Delivery Platform that is FTS attempt to improve our delivery process making it more reliable and automated.

Microsoft Tech Summit

On Friday 23rd we had the chance to attend to Microsoft Tech Summit where many topics where introduced by Microsoft guys. One of the most interesting ones was Habits of effective Dev Ops. It was very interesting to hear about how Microsoft has gone last years through a complete transformation because of the adoption of Dev Ops.

We would like to thank Microsoft for the opportunity we had in this trip and we hope to keep accumulating knowledge so that we can be a successful example of SRE adoption in the future.

Author: Fernando Munoz

Software Team Leader

3 Replies to “Learning From Real World Experiences – Visit to Microsoft Dublin’s HQ”

  1. Hey Fernando, thanks for posting the update. SRE and DevOps is undoubtedly the direction we as a team need to be heading towards. It’s not going to be an overnight change – it really is a fundamental shift in how we collaborate, design, develop, deploy and support solutions for our customers. It’s exciting but we also need to move at a pace that is right for FTS – we have time to listen and learn, and make choices that suit our situation and our people. Great to hear about the experiences of eShopworld. We should find other companies similar to ourselves who are further ahead on the journey and learn from their experiences. Karl

  2. Thanks for sharing Fernando. SRE’s are definitely the natural next step when moving to a cloud infrastructure. Looks like a great trip, I wish I could have been there 😉

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