Visit to Adidas

A team from Fexco Technology Solutions travelled to Adidas based in Zaragoza (Spain), to meet the Platform Engineering and Architecture team. Over the last four years the Adidas team have completely transformed their software platform and delivery model to meet the needs of the other Adidas divisions much more efficiently. FTS have begun a similar initiative to create the central Delivery and Computing Platforms for Fexco that are based on automation and the provision of a central API. It was very useful to meet the technical team in Adidas and to share ideas and lessons learned.

Networking between different technical teams is very important and we will continue this collaboration as we progress with our central API.

Be sure to check out this Techblog to keep up to date with this and other projects.

L-R: Javier Pelayo (Adidas), Daniel Maillo (FTS Madrid), Xavier Sierra (FTS Madrid), Jesus De Diego (FTS Killorglin), Fernando Muñoz (FTS Madrid), Terry MacSweeney (FTS Killorglin), Ignacio Alzorriz (Adidas).

And yes, the photo could be better.

Thank you lads!


Author: Jesus de Diego

Software Architect and Team Lead

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  1. I think it’s important to engage with people and companies from non-financial sectors. We are often facing the same challenges and opportunities but different sectors may come at them from different perspectives. By engaging with different sectors we can create new insights that may help us to shape our thoughts and develop better strategies.

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