Artificial Intelligence in Europe Report

The Artificial Intelligence in Europe Report leaded by Ernst & Young in collaboration with Microsoft has been published. This report counts on the collaboration of 277 companies in Ireland, including Fexco Technology Solutions.

The main conclusions in the report are:

  • Lots of companies are talking about AI and thinking about it, but actually relatively few have made concrete progress.
  • This is more pronounced in Ireland compared to Europe, as fewer companies in Ireland have completed AI pilots compared to peers in Europe.
  • AI is not being discussed at Board level in Ireland, at less than half the rate in Europe. Conversations at Executive level however are much more prevalent.
  • Companies are seeing skills shortages in this area – this will be compounded for anyone who adopts a “wait and see” approach as talent will become harder to find or attract.
  • Automation and efficiency are the key focus areas for companies considering AI – this needs to move to higher levels like prescriptive use cases.

This document is actually a very interesting state of the art about the sector. It is a good basis to find out what indicators are being more important in its evolution in North Europe economies.

Please find attached the report here.


Author: Jesus de Diego

Software Architect and Team Lead

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