FEXCO API-Centric Approach (II): Delivery Platform

Following the set of posts started by Jesús at FEXCO API-Centric Approach (I), I would like to continue by offering a little more detail about one of the two pieces where the API-Centric Approach rests, the Delivery Platform.

Delivery Platform – The Continuous Delivery Enabler

To ensure the API-Centric Approach success we need to deliver with quality and fast and that can only be done by automation and clearly defined flows. Here is where Delivery Platform plays a critical role.

Delivery Flow

The delivery flow, as it defines the whole delivery procedure, is very tight to the quality level we are producing. It is not only about building good code, testing and promoting it when necessary, it is about having proper metrics and tracking of what’s going at every moment and linking it with the requirements. KPIs for APIs: Why They Matter KPIs for APIs: 12 Key Metrics for API Programs

Firstly, the flow begins by writing the requirements in Jira. After that, the development work starts writing tests and the actual code. In a series of stages, the DP builds and deploys the software component. Then tests the both functional and non functional requirements (performance, security…) to finally, after all the quality checks are a success, the flow ends by promoting the new version of the code to production and reporting all the information to the appropiate Jira card.

Delivery Platform Technology Stack


DP will produce tons of data about each piece of software built on it. It means that we have unused information about the actual behaviour of the code in different environments. The DP will use this information to provide recommendations or even take actions for future deployments of the software. This will increase the quality of the software delivery and decrease costs.


Finally, coupling a new delivery flow with AIOPs, we are trying to cope with the API Centric approach needs. This way we will deliver:

  • High quality and reliable software
  • Shorter time to market
  • Lower operational costs

There are more technical details about the Delivery Platform in other articles in this blog.

Author: Fernando Munoz

Software Team Leader

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