FEXCO Developer Tasks: The Quality Path

The evolution of Software practices, techniques, technologies and procedures has been huge on the last years. The irruption of Cloud Providers to replace the traditional and rigid IT providers has disrupted completely the technical landscape.

According to this change, the development of Cloud-Native applications is now more important than ever for successfully creating software systems. So, the introduction of Linux Containers is the other factor in the equation. Containers provides teams the ability to manage the environments they need in complete isolation of metal and OSs.

New powers, more responsibility. Teams need to dramatically improve Quality procedures to be fully independent on traditional IT and break the extended fame of unreliability supporting productive live systems. SRE (Software Reliability Engineering) teams support Cloud-based IT and software from a dual perspective given from their dual role, IT managers and developers.

So, Continuous Delivery/Testing/Deployment pipelines are the key to implement the best quality practices that Software Teams need.

I’ve tried to summarize all these concerns and solutions in this infography about the 12 main tasks every developer is involved.

Have a look. I’m waiting your comments.


Author: Jesus de Diego

Software Architect and Team Lead

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